Each of the past three strategic plans launched and became unachievable due to unforeseen circumstances; stock market crash of 2008/2009, consolidation announcement in 2013, and transitions in the President’s office.  Thus, the purpose of this project is to implement a sustainable strategic planning approach that embraces the diverse and complex nature of Kennesaw State University. 

The Strategic Planning efforts of KSU will build off the guiding principle set by President Sam Olens; “Student Success is Our Number One Priority”.

Key Assumptions:

  • There is no “typical” KSU student, faculty, or staff
  • Every student is a potential success story
  • Funding from the State will stay flat (at best)
  • Student loan debt is a real challenge/problem
  • Every KSU faculty and staff member is committed to the success of KSU and its students
  • We are operating from a position of strength


  • Accreditors
  • University System of Georgia
  •  Students and their parents
  • Alumni
  • Benefactors


In Scope:

  • A small group will evaluate the universities Mission and Vision for possible changes
  • Document which includes strategic themes, goals, and strategies
    • Strategic Themes outline core priorities for the university as a whole.
    • Strategic Goals are proposed outcomes that, if achieved, will credibly signify an advance in KSU’s performance.
    • A strategy is a sustained and coordinated initiative designed to pursue a specific outcome.
  • Process which allows for the annual evaluation of effectiveness and prioritization of goals

Not in Scope:

  • Altering the cycle for Improve KSU
  • While this project includes notifying divisions, colleges, units, and departments of the expectation to align internal strategic plan documents and timeline with the University’s plan, this project will not develop or enforce a process for this alignment
  • Milestone
  • Name committee members
    September 2017
  • Kickoff and Charge of committee
    October 2017
  • Identification of Themes
    October 2017
  • Develop Goals
    November 2017
  • Listening Sessions
    January - February 2018
  • Determine Strategies and Develop sustainable planning approach
    January 2018
  • Revise Goals and Strategies
    March 2018
  • Faculty, Staff, and Administrator Vote
    April 2018
  • Final document delivery
    May 2018