Strategic Plan Development

In September, 2017, Kennesaw State University launched a strategic planning effort in accordance with SACS-COC and University System of Georgia (USG) requirements. This planning cycle followed the creation of a one-year "bridge" plan in 2017-2018.

The single most pertinent question in this planning cycle has been "Who, or what, is KSU?". That question guided many of the discussions, and was the metric for determining if any idea was on the right track.

To address this identity question, several committees comprised, of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, met a number of times over the past few months, and we held listening sessions across campus. 

From these interactions, we developed five guiding themes. While the themes may not answer the question of Who is KSU?, they do establish trajectories that would make KSU and event better university. 

Please note that the themes are not meant to be exhaustive, nor do they attempt to list all of the positive attributes inherent. We assumed that KSU is operating from a position of strength, and that many past initiatives have created a solid foundation for our future. The things we have developed to date remain important, even if they are not in these themes.

The current draft plan is available for feeback via a short survey. 

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